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I have something to say. I’ll keep it real short and sweet. It’s a damn shame to see the level of jealousy, bitterness, and hate towards Caitlin Clark coming from women of the WNBA, journalist, and women who have their name known around socials (women who have had things handed to them). I expect this hating crap from unemployed dorks on the internet who speak with their thumbs and just seek attention, but the fact we are seeing such hate from accomplished women, and more importantly- WNBA players, is appalling and a pure and utter joke (not the funny type). Trolls just seek attention; these gals are pure ugly in the soul. Pure haters.

What appalling behavior. Women have been waiting for the opportunity to bring legitimacy and attraction to women sports. They have been waiting for a Caitlin Clark. A young phenom that has a rapid growing fan-base while having the skill to change the entire landscape of the game. Players have dedicated a lot to grow the game of women’s basketball for a player like Clark to come and catapult their hard work to a new horizon. Players like Sue Bird. Tamika Catchings. Lisa Leslie. Sheryl Swoopes. Cynthia Cooper. All stellar hoopers who have dedicated hard work to grow the game; all who should be ecstatic on the arrival of Caitlin Clark in the WNBA. I haven’t seen any degrade about Clark from those listed above; which is good. There is a name I left off that is pointing such degrade: Diana Taurasi. Taurasi hating only shows the type of person she is. A jealous hater. Taurasi is one of the top players in the league, has been since her arrival. One of the few names that reach the audience of WNBA causals (higher percent). Taurasi not wanting Clark to succeed just shows that she’s jealous of Clark's star-power. WhY iSn’T tHaT mE. WhY dOn’T I mAkE hEr SpOnSoR mOnEy. Pure jealousy. I’m so appalled. I thought men were insecure; I continue to believe it runs rapid both ways.

You won’t alter my understanding on the behaviors from Clark’s WNBA peers. It’s acts of jealousy and hate; nothing else. Jealous because of the NIL. Jealous because of the sponsors. Jealous because of the skill. Jealous because of the attention. I deleted this tweet and never should have:

Spittin' Cap - The Founder - djp_spittincap on X

I was right. The women may not be as racist as Ty Cobb (some are mad she’s pale forsho), no one can really top that cat in that regard, but they are just as bitter and jealous. Angel Reese takes the cake. We really have ourselves a bunch of Ty Cobbs in wigs (relax) runnin’ around yappin’ their hate. It doesn’t make sense when those same players want the game to be recognized more. Clark has a chance to be even greater for the WNBA than Stephen Curry and perhaps even MJ was for the NBA (in a sense ok). Curry and Clark are the better comparison. Clark’s style, skill, and gameplay is ultra-exciting and electric. Just like Curry. Steph changed the game of basketball with his unreal 3-point skill; changes in both the culture and the game itself at the pro-level. Changed the flow, gameplan, and nature of the game. Curry had kids wanting to be like him; shoot like him. Kobe and MJ were the only two with similar effect on the culture (Iverson up there too). As Clark will do with the WNBA and for young girls and women across the States. I mean sh**, she already has with just this one highlight to secure the Fever’s first win:

video via WNBA//X

All the girls are going to start telling their dads they want to be like Caitlin. Youth sports will pop more and the game of basketball among girls will sky rocket. Clark has already brought more viewers to the sport in her short time then we have ever seen. The draft shattered numbers; she had a preseason game sold out to the door. Clark has the Fever flying charter; and all the other players in the league are jelllllllly! They shout “privilege” but don’t understand money and revenue due to the fact they don’t bring any of it in. Clark’s arrival is huge for the WNBA, growing the revenue of the league- putting more money in players and future player’s pockets. Clark should be hailed; not hated. Not saying other players need to hail her publicly; just sure as hell shouldn’t be hating her publicly, cha heard. The Fever team has to hail her publicly, though. She got ya flying charter and off your zero in the standings!

video via Front Office Sports//X

Screaming privilege for everything is getting outdated. Sunny Hostin defines being ugly in the soul & is one of the more dense and idiotic speakers in media; praising her words is a sad fall back. Gives me the ick. Clark’s success is not built off privilege of her being a pale-toned Iowa raised girl. It’s built off a rare wave of skill, momentum, and excitement. Clark plays with flare, intensity, and drive that blossomed her into a fan-favorite. The 3-point skill then launched her to another stratosphere. As it did for Steph Curry and Jimmer Fredette. Clark is the all-time NCAA point-scorer among both men and women, breaking Pete Maravich’s record that stood for over five decades. That’s not privilege- it’s hard work and greatness.

When people like Hostin share those kind of opinions; we should evaluate her intentions instead of giving her a platform (why do you still give them that platform? ick). Clark hasn’t once used her stardom as a negative beacon. She doesn’t gloat, nor is she super arrogant. Clark is a damn rockstar, and all she wants to do is play ball and win. The hate and bitterness needs to end. That mostly being directed to the players around the league. Your product is complete trash. Most of the games are still tough to get through, be grateful that Clark has arrived to bring more skill to the floor, and more fans in the stands. I can get through a crappy game of comp’ when I see Clark hitting 6-logo shots a game and passing like she came from John Stockton’s sperm. With time, she will start doing that at the WNBA level- stop getting twisted.

Stop hating on Caitlin Clark.


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